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Services and Price

Résumé Writing $37.00


 A résumé with application tracking system (ATS) job details, key words, SEO and specific styling. I choose from 3 formats depending on your background and information. Each résumé purchase you will get a Thank You letter to send to employers and a Reference letter template for you to fill out fast and easy along with 20 plus resources on where to upload your résumé . All documents are sent in both DOC and PDF formats.

Cover Letters


General Cover Letter - $12.00

A general cover letter is a basic introduction of you and your résumé.

Targeted Cover Letter - $17.00

A targeted cover letter is directed to a specific company or person you wish to introduce yourself to, with detail and list extra about your résumé.

LinkedIn Profile $67.00


A complete LinkedIn profile created from top to bottom.  I will make sure you are presented accordingly within your industry. Have professional pics ready for me to view or if you want to keep your current pic this is fine. 

Application Processing Service $47.00


We will upload your document(s) and register you to 3 job search engines and apply you to 4 positions in the industry of your interest. Let us do the hard part first for you and you can take over. 

Returning Customers $17.00


Returning customers can update their résumé for a low cost. 1 position add with edits accordingly.  

Flash Drives $10.00


Get a quality 8GB flash drive to store your documents for when you need them. Travel with your documents and upload information on the go. Can hold 1K files and more.

Stand Out

Writing a résumé is intimidating for everyone, so don’t worry, you’re not alone. What makes it difficult is knowing what to include, what not to, what to highlight, what to de-emphasize, etc. HR professionals and hiring managers receive hundreds of résumés for any given position, and on average, they will spend about 6 to 10 seconds viewing a résumé. Organizing information incorrectly could cost you a shot for a call back, and is a very common mistake made by job seekers. We have provided two options for you – write it yourself using our FREE résumé writing tips, résumé FAQs and free résumé samples through our social media outlets, or use our professional résumé writing service at a low cost.  


Why Us?


Here at The Little Résumé Shop, LLC,  we show personal interest by providing the right information on your résumé. Simply provide a résumé already done or send me the information needed and get started to a new level of job searching. You can also call and set up an appointment and consult with me over the phone or through email. It is so simple to get started on your new window of opportunity.  


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